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Transcultural power

Transcultural agility

Transcultural leadership

Transcultural communication

Transcultural change

Innovation power

Innovation & creativity

Design thinking

Project management
(predictive, agile & hybrid)

What our participants are saying


“I really recommend this coaching, which is suitable for everyone, as we know how much communication is key, at work, home, with other cultures : using the right communication way depending on who is in front of you, is so important and can change everything. It makes life more beautiful!”

Transcultural Communication participant

“I have worked in an international context for over 22 years, yet realized how little aware I was of some cultural differences. The course was educational, entertaining, interactive and fun – very much appreciated by all who attended.”

Transcultural Leadership participant

“The coach himself is careful, generates  a very good atmosphere, with playful presentations and videos, therefore I felt comfortable to participate.

We did a lot of practical cases, it helped to keep the session dynamic and focused on reality.”

Transcultural Communication participant

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