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Continents are like big islands

If we take a step back to see the whole picture (as if seeing Earth from space) continents are land surrounded by water.

Just like islands.

No man is an island

Islands of knowledge, islands of technology, islands of know-how.Today, we seek to combine our talents.

We are all interconnected.

Island-hopping should be fun!

Working and innovating internationally and cross-culturally takes skill and requires energy. This, in turn, needs motivation.

Enjoyment gives motivation.

Our approach is based on the observation that continents are just like big islands and, as John Donne wrote back in the 17th Century, that no man is an island (we are all interconnected).

In the 21st century, we should be able to cooperate internationally with as much ease and pleasure as a traveller hopping by boat or float-plane between the islands of an archipelago.

Our aim is to enable enjoyment and success in international and transcultural endeavours through coaching, training and consulting support.

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